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A Day of Exploration at Gili Islands

Created by the corals on the northwestern coast of Lombok in Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago of islands, Gili islands are a heaven for luxury travellers. Whether it is snorkeling, scuba diving or living it up high with beach parties, whether it is cycling on the sea coast or exploring the jungles, Gili islands have something for everybody.

Here’s how you can spend an exciting day hopping the three Gili islands, Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan, popularly known as Gili T.

First you can head to the coral garden at Gili Air. The garden is composed with biorocks. The biorocks are basically a metal structure that provides shelter and structure for corals and fish to live. The dive spots are accessible from anywhere of the three Gili islands, but the best spots are easy to approach from Gili Air. Like elsewhere, the turtles here are used to human presence, so it’s exciting to get really close to them and swim alongside.

You will swim with hundreds of green chromis, scissortail sergeant damselfish and sea goldies. Sunburst butterflyfish is the most common butterflyfish in the area. Clownfish are present but remain rare. You might also spot the absent-minded blue fish, the one seen in Finding Dory.

From Gili Air, you can head to see the iconic statue at Gili Meno. This is one of the most secluded of the islands here, and offers ample privacy to romantics. The Meno Wall is a coral paradise filled with a wide variety of spectacular soft and hard corals that attract tourists from all over the world. The beach here is also a very serene place, with white sand and crystal waters for a light swim and stroll.

Gili Meno is also the smallest island in this group, so you can easily cycle or walk around the whole island. Set in the north of the island, Adang Adang is located just in front of beach where there is reported to be a high number of resident turtles. So, after enjoying lunch from their extensive menu, you can jump in the water for a swim.

Then you can head to Gili T for a relaxing evening. This is also the island for biggest parties, but if you want a quieter evening, you can head to the western edge of the island. From this side of the island you also get to enjoy sunset over the ocean from one of the many over water swings. Restaurants also serve some of the best beach cocktails here.

So, if you have a day to explore the three Gili islands, this route will help you cover the most beautiful spots here. Imagine, swinging on the beach after a beautiful swim with your partner.

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