Kandy Lake and Kandy city aerial panoramic view from Arthurs Seat Kandy City Viewpoint, Sri Lanka

A Perfect Day in Kandy

Kandy Lake and Kandy city aerial panoramic view from Arthurs Seat Kandy City Viewpoint, Sri Lanka

Kandy, the pulsing heart of Sri Lanka, is a necessary destination for any curious traveller. Seeped in history, heritage and mythology, Kandy is a piece of sublime paradise. From the cuisine to the tea plantations to the Temple of Tooth and the national parks, there is a plethora of exploration.

Even if you are destined to be here for a day, there are a variety of things to do. Then, it comes to planning a perfect that allows you to experience the best of Kandy.

Sunrise at Adam’s Peak

You can start the day with watching the sunrise over Adam’s Peak. It is known for the Sri Pada or Sacred Footprint, a 1.8 metre rock formation near the summit, which in Buddhist tradition is held to be the footprint of the Buddha, in Hindu tradition that of Hanuman or Shiva. There is also a Peace Pagoda located halfway up, built by Nipponzan Myohoji in 1978. You can take a train from Kandy to Hatton Station, and then hike up the peak.

For those seeking a more relaxed morning, you can take a taste of Ceylon Tea by visiting the Tea Factory. You can take a tea excursion, where you stroll through the tea plantations, visit the factory and taste one of the most renowned tea in the world.

This can be followed by a scenic drive to Mahiyanganaya, or a part of the famous Daha Ata Wanguwa (18 Bend Road).  Criss-crossing the central highlands of Sri Lanka, the adventurous drive opens up some of the most scenic vistas and panoramas of the mountains around Kandy.

For those, who prefer spending time in Kandy, they have the option of spending a shaded morning around the Kandy Lake. Many legends revolve around it, one of them saying that there is a secret tunnel in the lake, connecting the island with the royal palace. Surrounded by lush greenery, this is a perfect spot to seep into the Sri Lankan heritage. The stroll around the lake will lead you to the Temple of Sacred Tooth.

The temple is a magnificent structure dating to the 16th century, and houses a national treasure: the actual tooth of Lord Buddha. You must watch out for the elephant carvings and the golden dome inside the temple. This structure is the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage site, a much larger palace complex.

Kandy Lake and the Royal Complex

The royal palace is situated to the north of the temple. It was completed during the reign of Sri Vikrama Rajasinha. The carvings of the wooden pillars which support the wooden roof are an example of wood carving of the Kandyan period. The complex also houses the International Buddhist Museum and Udawatta Kele Sanctuary. A day is really not enough to make the most of this beautiful structure from the golden days of Kandy, but you must definitely not miss this spot in Kandy.

You can savour authentic Sri Lankan cuisine at lunch. It is important to find the right place for this. Aarunya Nature Resort’s Aahaara serves contemporary Sri Lankan flavours in a nine-course meal, accompanied by the traditional arrack prepared in a modern cocktail style. You definitely don’t want to miss this gem on the cuisine trail of Kandy.

Lunch at Aaahaara, Arunya Nature Resort

A day at Kandy must include some artisanal culture. You can head to Galgamuwa arts and craft village where you can watch traditional mask making and other handicrafts. You can also watch the traditional Kandyan dance performance here.

Another spot not to miss on any circuit of Kandy is the Bahirawakanda Vihara Buddha. A giant statue of Buddha that must have towered over you through your day in Kandy, this is an architectural feat. The statue of Buddha is depicted in the position of the Dhyana Mudra, the posture of meditation associated with his first Enlightenment.

You can end the day with a special spa treatment at Aarogya Spa and sumptuous dinner of a fusion of international and local cuisine at The Verandah. Overlooking the misty Knuckles Mountain Range, this is the perfect spot to end a perfectly planned day. And if you want to make the planning easier, you could book your stay at Aarunya Nature Resort, an isle of peace and beauty, nestled amidst a UNESCO Natural Heritage marked mountain range.

Aarunya Nature Resort

The property organises all the exciting excursions around Kandy, and even if you want to spend the day taking nature walks, picking tea or healing yourself at their wellness centre, Aarunya ensures a mesmerising experience of Kandy.

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