A Romantic Cruise with Glittering Dubai by the side

One thinks of Dubai, and one can immediately see pictures of glitter and glamour, a shining cityscape with the best of modern architecture, design marvels and thrilling excitement. And this is what makes Dubai an icon for luxury.

This is what attracts romantics to Dubai. The ambience of a fairy tale, the remnants from the glory of Arabian nights. Here, every corner is steeped in heritage, and there is magic on The Marina. One way to soak in this magic is with a sunset cruise with your partner.

Starting from the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club, this cruise heads into the ocean for a mesmerizing sunset. It passes through Marina, the artificial canal city in Dubai. You can watch the posh lifestyle of the residents of the Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), people strolling through Marina Walk, Ain Dubai standsing tall on Bluewater’s Island, and glimpses of the famous restaurant Burj Al Arab. The cruise also offers the glittering views of The Palm and The Atlantis. The yacht cruise also allows the evening views of attractions such as Dubai Eye, Dubai Harbor, Big Cruises, Jumeirah Beach and more from the top deck.

This is the best place to take stunning Insta worthy pictures against the backdrop of the glamorous city scape on one side and the setting sun on the other. And the evening is enhanced with the aroma of BBQ on board the cruise. They offer a varied range of fruit, juices, dinner buffet including Arabian delicacies like hummus, fattoush, kebabs and more.

In fact, you can also try water sports on the cruise. And if you book a private cruise, you can go for a relaxing swim and freshen up on the luxurious amenities on board the cruise. The cool breeze, mesmerizing skyline in Dubai, and serene ambience on the cruise make it a perfect setting for an extremely romantic date. Click here to plan such a romantic celebration in Dubai.

Welcome to Admire Asia's blog, for the latest in travel trends.

Welcome to Admire Asia's blog, for the latest in travel trends.

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