Baros says Thank You to the pandemic heroes

(Pic credit: Baros)

A perfect private island getaway, Baros has managed to pay a beautiful tribute to the pandemic
heroes, the essential and health workers who braved the worst to continue their duty towards
the society.
While the private island was closed to travellers, they developed the corals to write Thank You
Heroes in their crystal blue waters.
Baros has a rich programme to nurture and protect the corals surrounding its waters for more
than a decade. The property has worked on many corals, enough over the years to regenerate
hundreds of reefs, propagating new habitats for fish and other invertebrates. Guests can sponsor
reefs for $150 per person and work with the resort’s marine biologists.
While it can take years for coral to form a message like the one Baros created during the
pandemic, the words “Thank You Heroes” is already visible from above. The resort also
promoted a unique offer where they offered complimentary massages and champagne for
health care workers booking a stay with them from October to December 2021.
This bespoke property and resort island is now open to travellers. It also has the iconic Piano
Deck where they curate special romantic events for their guests like renewing wedding vows
or planning a proposal. They also offer opportunities to participate in the traditional Maldivian
Bodu Beru dance procession that greets travellers on this unique island.
From transparent canoes to a personalised diving session with a marine biologist, Baros offers
the most unique experiences for nature lovers. With their corralled Thank You, the resort has
truly shown how to win hearts.

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