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Exploring Uoi Ethnic Village in Vietnam | Admire Asia

Lush paddy fields, a quaint village under the shadow of a mountain, and ethnic Thai tribals who engage in traditional brocade weaving. A snapshot that looks straight from a time-traveller’s diary.

This is the sight that will greet you in Uoi village. It is an idyllic hamlet in Pu Long, and surrounded by some of the most iconic waterfalls and caves of the region. The ideal way to explore this region is on a half-day or full day trek.

The trek begins from top of the valley, and you hike down into the patch of green, while you traverse through some amazing landscapes. Pu Luong and the surrounding area are littered with a number of very picturesque waterfalls that run through the jungle and over limestone rocks, where the water gathers in clear swimming pools that are perfect for swimming.

Once you cross the paddy fields or small pools where locals will be bathing their cattle, you will reach the village. Here locals engage in the traditional brocade weaving activities, and you can join them or observe this unique craft. If you have the energy, you can continue the hike to Lan village, which is another 6 kilometre down the same trail.

Another attraction to watch out for are the ancient water wheels, unique to this region. Built by people from the Thai and Muong ethnic groups, the water wheels collect water from low-lying streams to feed the huge rice crops. They are particularly useful during the dry season and periods of drought when the water level is low. You will find the water wheels along the rocky streams that run through Pu Long.

The White Thai ethnic minorities in these villages carry on life in an authentic way, uninterrupted and undisturbed by the travellers. This lends a unique and quaint ambience to the whole landscape, making it that much more special to explore the region.

If you happen to be in Pu Long on a Thursday or Sunday, make sure to visit the local market in Pho Doan. At the Pho Doan market, local Thai minorities from all over the area come in their beautiful traditional clothes to trade their products. It is another unique experience to soak in this mountain market, and observe the local life up close.

Pu Long Natura Bungalow is an ideal location to explore this region fully. It lies in the pristine Pu Luong forest, surrounded by exquisite scenery of amazing terraced fields and endless mountainous landscapes.

Welcome to Admire Asia's blog, for the latest in travel trends.

Welcome to Admire Asia's blog, for the latest in travel trends.

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