Kanom Krok, a Thai delicacy for the sweet toothed

Thailand has a rich history when it comes to cuisine. With people emigrating from southern China is ancient times to Indian influences, and there is even a tinge of Islamic flavours from southern Muslim states. There is even a European influence as the region was accosted by Portuguese and Dutch traders in its history. This has ensured that Thai cuisine remains of one of the top favourites the world over.

While there are regional differences in flavours and ingredients, a foodie is really spoilt for choice in Khao Lak, with over 200 restaurants and chefs from the world over. A great marker of the food in the region is the sheer freshness of the ingredients here. And the real star of street and gourmet food is the dish Kanom Krok.

The Making of Kanom Krok at Devosam Khao Lak

This lyrical sounding dish is traditional Thai sweet rice cake that is made with coconut cream and rice flour. The perfect symphony of flavours makes it an all-time favourite for many, whether it is served as a gourmet portion on a porcelain plate or a quick street-side bite, the dish sits well on any menu.

A layered dessert with coconut cream, it has been adapted for modern savoury tongues with additions of corn and spring onions. But now travellers can not only devour this delicious bite, but also learn how to make this traditional delight.

Devosam Khao Lak Resort has managed to enhance its bespoke experience with special classes to learn the making of Kanom Krok. They marry authentic cultural charm with a memorably luxury experience. Found by the waters of a natural lagoon to one side and the pristine shores of Khao Lak’s most stunning sunset beach to the other, this unique beachfront hotel is set in an enchanting place where two worlds meet.

Paying homage to the opulence of the 6th and 7th centuries, the resort’s design is based on the intricate and breath-taking archaic art and architecture of a lost civilisation that once flourished here. A private beach, exclusive sand-bank dinners, beach side picnics and roof top bar, this place has really got the most divine experiences lined up for any traveller seeking an exciting getaway.

With their garland making and Konam Krok sessions, along with other attractions, Devosam has truly managed to offer a memorable stay. Now a traveller can have their Kanom Krok and make it too!

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