Malaysia ready to welcome travellers again

Come April and Malaysia will be ready to receive fully-vaccinated travellers with a quarantine-free entry. Malaysia had one of the most stringent border control policies during the last two years of the Covid pandemic.

Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, “Citizens with valid travel documents can enter and leave the country as they did before the pandemic, and foreigners can also move in and out of Malaysia without the need to apply for MyTravelPass, which will be abolished.”

The reopening marks the final step in the lifting of virus curbs, as Malaysia joins other Southeast Asian nations in transiting to the endemic phase of the outbreak. Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand are among Southeast Asian countries that have waived quarantine, while Indonesia is bringing forward plans to allow quarantine-free entry for foreigners traveling to Bali.

In the endemic phase, operational hours for businesses will no longer be limited, but face masks will remain mandatory, Ismail said. Individuals can travel between states without the need for vaccination and social distancing will no longer be imposed at places of worship.

So, now the wait of the travellers for the crystal blue waters and luxurious resorts in Malaysia is over. Plan your perfect getaway now.

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Welcome to Admire Asia's blog, for the latest in travel trends.

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