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Riding the Hot Air Balloons for an Arabian Sunrise

The sand dunes roll along the horizon. The sun rises pink over the enchanting landscape of dunes, making it look like a setting straight out of Arabian Nights. And in the distance the rays hit the shimmering landscape of Dubai, with its Burj Al Arab, the Palm and the Atlantis.

Imagine catching the sunrise over Dubai from 4000 feet above the ground, away from the bustling world. Just you and your love holding hands, as the land below turns golden with the rising sun.

A ride takes you to the desert from your resort at early dawn. The coffee makes it easy to hold the chill of this pristine morning. And then you embark on a desert safari, riding over the dunes and dune bashing for some extra adventurous thrill. Then you board the grand hot air balloon.

Ascend up to 4,000 feet and see Dubai’s glittering skyline, the Hajar Mountains, and bright green oases across the vast Arabian Desert. You will also get a chance to capture incredible photos as you drift above the world. You will also be able to spot Arabian Oryx, gazelles, and wandering camels in their natural habitat. This hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to begin a romantic day with your love. There is something hopeful about sunrises, and it becomes extra special if you both are secluded in air, above everyone else.

After the ride, you can transfer back to the city for an authentic Arabian breakfast, and relax by spending the day at a couple’s spa or head to The Atlantis for some more adventure, like playing with the dolphins, or the marine magic at The Lost Chambers.

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Welcome to Admire Asia's blog, for the latest in travel trends.

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